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Shadows of Dawn: A Poetic Revelation-Renaissance [Emanuel Yarbrough] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shadows of Dawn is a.
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This "other" world shows up as even more vivid than the world of ordinary sense-perception by virtue of a strikingly realistic, indeed surrealistic imagery.

The Bow and the Lyre: The Poem, The Poetic Revelation, Poetry and History

Dante heightens the [End Page ] mythological topos of the visit to the underworld that he inherited from Virgil and Homer to a level where it represents the true essence of life on this earth transposed into a transcendent dimension. The world of the dead is not just one in a series of episodes befalling the protagonist but rather the final and definitive experience that reveals the true meaning of all possible experiences and thereby the meaning of the world as a whole.

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This is perhaps implicit and incipient in Homer and Virgil, since the journey to the underworld in each case encloses a revelation that illuminates the meaning of everything else and orients the protagonist's subsequent life in the world up to his death. But Dante's other world is more than the place for a miraculous glimpse into the true meaning of life: it is itself the vera vita , the "true life. Of course, Virgil had interpreted the whole of Roman history through the optics of prophecy, but his prophetic history was directly disclosed only in privileged moments within his poem.

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Dante's entire poetic narrative transpires in an eschatological dimension of existence; it thereby aspires to reveal beyond the limits of history a full-blown vision of eternity—that is, history as projected into the eternal worlds that it prefigures. While at the level of content Dante expands the theme of a visit to the underworld into an entire poem of epic proportions, more deeply, at the level of genre and in terms of its mode, Dante's whole poem is prophetic in character.

History and narrative become in themselves prophetic rather than only forming a background for prophecy and framing it. The descent to the world of the dead—a symbol for the place of revelation of the meaning of life—is a thematic issue that runs as a thread through each of the epic works that have been mentioned so far.

But in Dante it becomes the central axis of a poem that emerges in its entirety as religious revelation, and Dante greatly intensifies the self-conscious grasp of this function of poetry. The Word made flesh here is made word again, A word made word in flourish and arrogant crook. See there King Calvin with his iron pen, And God three angry letters in a book, And there the logical hook On which the Mystery is impaled and bent Into an ideological instrument. The Cornerstone Forum.

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Bookmark the permalink. Search for:. A revelation of words, A renaissance of creativity, Different cultures exposed, An adventure, Great blessings in store, Thanksgiving to my creator, Respect due to all human beings, Acknowledgments to my special people. A praying soul, Love reigns supreme, Life is a journey, An adrenalin rush, Emptiness despised, Contentment enticed, A work that brings true satisfaction, A road free of traffic, Appreciation at the top, Negligence at the bottom.

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  4. Musically mystified, Naturally sensitized, My mind has grown wings, The flight of an eagle, My feet are as light as feather, The dance of a swan, My fingers are anxious, so anxious, Ready to write words colourfully decorated, My lips energized, Ready to articulate, A realization, a fulfillment, A poetic revelation. Share this poem:. A Poetic Revelation - Poem by Erika Heslop Martin Artistic juices flowing, A lover of words, Lyrically sweet, Inspiration unlimited Ready to express my thoughts, Ready to express my experiences, Words to stimulate the imagination, Many reactions anticipated, Talent fully utilized and exercised, A great rhythm echoing in my soul, Visions unconcealed.

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