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Noxious clouds of gas aside, the islands are actually well-known among locals for their lovely views, white sandy beaches, and the bluest water around. But most people will still endure the challenge to be able to swim through the crystal clear waters of the river. Okay, now this one is quintessentially Malaysian. Belonging to the lovely, palm tree-lined coast of Terengganu, l egend has it that the name of the village was derived from a bowl with mysterious powers that somehow guided a traveler away from dangerous, crocodile-infested waters and later helped them quench their thirst.

Nice story, right? But it would still probably be kinda awkward. A town in South Africa near Johannesburg. In Afrikaans it means "broke pan" contrast with Konkapot River , below A place in Kentucky which I can only assume has the constant sound of Smooth Jazz playing out of the bedrooms of everyone there. City in Brittany , France.

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The other one is in Belarus. Someone rules the bridge there - and it's not in Norway. A town in Marion County, Alabama. A small population just under town on the east coast of Australia Has nothing to do with My Little Pony or its fans. A hill in Cornwall that gave its name to the Brown Willy effect. An Australian locality with lots and lots of buckets.

And then probably some more buckets, perhaps due to the reality that some of them were damaged?

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A town in Tennessee , United States. A coastal town in Maine, said to have a fictional neighboring town , where a famous American vampire once dwelled in fiction. This small population in town in Illinois is named for one of the two medieval constituents of Hungary's capital , and was once where the engines for the American version of the Renault FT tank were built a century ago. A town on the island of Sardinia , Italy. A village in Hungary. Translates to female underwear.

A commune in the Province of Como , Lombardy , Italy. Its name translates to "fat Bulgarian.

Small New Zealand town near Palmerston North. It has a sister-city relationship with Cowes , England. An unincorporated community located primarily in Louisa County, Virginia, United States, but covering a small portion of both Spotsylvania and Hanover Counties as well. Burning Well.

A small community on the border of Conecuh and Monroe counties in Alabama. Don't eat the corn there. A small community in Franklin County, Alabama. It's also been spelled as 'Burnout'. A township in Otsego County, New York. Fortunately, the "nuts" part doesn't mean what you might think it does. The former name of a road in Conisbrough , Doncaster , England. It was changed to Archers Way in Surprisingly not a street, but a place in England.

14 Funny City Names in Canada – Plus 6 Strange and Odd Towns

No doubt the tourists get a bit of a kick out of this place. The name of a small road in Shepshed , Leicestershire , the bottom end of the lane is residential and the top of the lane is the home of Shepshed Dynamo FC. An unincorporated community and census-designated place in Warren County , New Jersey.

Where chocolate is made - but only if one does not wish to anger the people in the Keystone State 's "community of chocolate"! For strong bones in the "Empire State" , one might want to go here.

19 Strangest Town Names You WON'T Believe

A house built in located in Upland, Pennsylvania. I heard that in this old Texas town the inhabitants don't lock their front doors, reject weapons, and made Alanis Morissette their honorary mayor. Candy Kitchen. A very sweet and tasty place in New Mexico, about 47 miles 76 km north-northwest of Pie Town see below!

Cape Disappointment. A headland located at the extreme southwestern corner of Washington State. A comune in Italy that means "cooked goat" in Italian. No wonder goats are nowhere to be found here.

20 of the weirdest and most unfortunate place names in the world

A tributary of the Ialomicioara River in Romania. A village in Spain, whose name means "slayer of Jews" or "kill Jews". A village in South Gloucestershire , England. Everyone in there has a cat brain! A township and village in Greene County, New York which is usually cat friendly, and also just within the eastern edge of the similarly-named mountainous area of New York State. While this might not strike you as "weird", it was named after a fictional location in a Spanish adventure novel, which was inhabited only by black women and ruled by Queen Calafia.

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Center of the World. A place in Ohio that is actually about 41 degrees north and 81 degrees west of the center of the world. These people need to look at a map.

66 of the absolute weirdest place names in America

A commune in France where nobody goes the speed limit. Prune is a slang term in French that means to get a traffic ticket. It can also mean "hit" as in to get hit. It can also mean "plum". A fourteen-syllabled lake-in-a-town in Webster, Massachusetts , allegedly named to settle an indigenous fishing disagreement Cheesequake, New Jersey. A village in Slovakia that translates as "village of black people". Yeah, good luck finding one here let alone in the entire country. A county in northwestern England. Sorry, no Cheshire Cat , but blink and you may miss it.

One source mentions that actor Chevy Chase was nicknamed after this town, but both actually have associations from a historic English ballad called The Ballad of Chevy Chase. Today the central borough of Saguenay, Quebec , this town's name comes from the phrase "the end of the deep water" in the Innu First Nation language of the area. There is also a place called Chili in New Mexico.

7 places in Malaysia with names that will tickle your funny bone

Chocolate Bayou. A town in Beaufort County, North Carolina. The name is apparently derived from the Tuscaroran word chackauene , which means "otter". Christmas Pie. A hamlet in Surrey , England. At least it's better than fruitcake.

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An island near Java. Possibly Santa Claus ' holiday resort — if St. Nick doesn't consider another island , nearly "dead-center" in the Pacific , that's spelled differently, but pronounced just about the same. Small town in Wisconsin that is not a Chinatown. A township in Pennsylvania. Hope you don't choke on those nuts! Doubly hope those nuts aren't testicles.