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The term refers to the type of breakfast found in places such as France and the Mediterranean, which is lighter and more delicate than the typical full English breakfast, which tends to consist of a large plate of eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, beans, and roasted mushrooms and tomatoes, and American breakfasts featuring eggs, breakfast meats, pancakes, potatoes, and toast.

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Continental breakfasts are also more cost-effective for the establishments serving them, because they require fewer staff to prepare them. In southeast Europe , in countries such as Bulgaria , Bosnia , Montenegro , North Macedonia and parts of Croatia breakfast usually consists of various kinds of savory or sweet pastry, with cheese, meat or jam filling. The most typical breakfast consists of two slices of burek and a glass of yogurt.

The sandwich is buttered with margarine , with toppings such as prosciutto and yellow cheese. In Albania the breakfast often consists of a scone, milk, tea, eggs, jam or cheese. Meat is not preferred during the breakfast and it is usually substituted for seafood such as canned sardines or tuna which is typically served with condiments such as mustard or mayonnaise.

Whole grain cereals and pastries are mostly consumed by children. In Croatia the base is a continental breakfast with a variety of pastries with or without fillings marmalade , chocolate, cheese, ham, nuts, poppy and fermented milk products yogurt, soured milk, soured cream. Cold cuts, such as prosciutto , ham, salami, kulen , bacon, and various cheeses, are also favored. In continental parts sir i vrhnje cottage cheese with soured cream and some spices is traditional. Coffee is much preferred over tea mostly herbal tea.

White bread or bread rolls rundstykker are eaten with yellow cheese and different kinds of jams, usually made from berries or citrus fruits, and other toppings, all accompanied by coffee or tea. Breakfast usually consists of coffee or tea with open sandwiches. The sandwich is often buttered with margarine , with toppings such as hard cheese or cold cuts. Sour milk products such as yogurt or viili are also common breakfast foods, usually served in a bowl with cereals such as corn flakes, muesli , and sometimes with sugar, fruit, or jam.

101 Best Comfort Food Classics

Oatmeal or mixed grain porridge may also be served, usually topped with butter. The main food consists of sweet products such as tartines slices of baguette or other breads spread with butter, jam, or chocolate paste , sometimes dunked in the hot drink. Brioches and other pastries such as croissants , pains au chocolat and pains aux raisins are also traditional, but more of a weekend special treat.

9 Easy & Delicious Breakfasts

A traditional French breakfast does not include any savory product, but breakfast buffets in hotels often include ham, cheese, and eggs. The typical German breakfast consists of bread or bread rolls, butter, jam, ham, cheeses, meat spreads, cold cuts, hard- or soft-boiled eggs, and coffee or tea. Cereals have become popular, and regional variation is significant. Yogurt, granola, and fruit fresh or stewed may appear, as well as eggs cooked to order usually at smaller hotels or bed-and-breakfasts. Home breakfasts in Greece include bread with butter, honey , or marmalade with coffee or milk.

Breakfast cereals are also eaten. Children also eat Nutella type cream on bread. No breakfast at all is common. Milk shops were phased out between and — there are very few left, one is in Athens, [61] and some exist in small towns. In Hungary people usually have a large breakfast. Sometimes a simple breakfast will consist of a cup of milk, tea, or coffee taken with one or more pastries, bread rolls including crescent-shaped kifli , toast, other pastries with different fillings sweet and savory , butter, jam, or honey and a bun or a strudel [63] or cereal like muesli , yogurt , kefir , and perhaps fruit.

Fette biscottate a cookie-like hard bread often eaten with hazelnut chocolate spread or butter and jam and biscotti cookies are commonly eaten. Hot coffee may be sometimes replaced by hot tea, depending on personal taste. Children often drink hot chocolate, plain milk, hot milk with barley coffee, or hot milk with very little coffee. Cereals, yogurt, and fruit juices are also common. If breakfast is eaten in a bar coffee shop , it is composed of cappuccino and cornetto frothed hot milk with coffee and a pastry. Typical Latvian breakfast usually consists of open sandwiches with toppings made of vegetables, fish, eggs, or cheese.

As in Finland they are often buttered with margarine. Curd mixed with vegetables and salt as well as other sour milk products are very popular as well. Very often light oat porridge is eaten too. Latvians usually drink coffee for breakfast.

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On the island of Malta , breakfast integrates both British and continental elements. Usually the Maltese start their day with a bowl of cereal mixed with milk, sometimes with a cup of coffee or tea. Today cereal bars are also becoming a common type of breakfast on the island. The traditional English breakfast of eggs, sausages, and fried bacon was also popular among the Maltese, especially on Sundays, due to the strong British influence on the island, but this has diminished almost completely, as locals have rediscovered a more Mediterranean and continental diet over the recent years.

Hotels usually serve both a continental as well as a full English breakfast. Prayers are often said before breakfast in order to bless the meal. For breakfast, the Dutch and Belgians typically eat sliced bread with butter or margarine and various choices of toppings: dairy products numerous variations of cheese , a variety of cured and sliced meats, or sweet or semi-sweet products such as jam, syrup from sugar beets or fruit , honey , Kokosbrood a coconut product that is served thinly sliced like sliced cheese or peanut butter. Another type of sweet toppings are the chocolate toppings; the Dutch have chocolate toppings in all variations: hagelslag chocolate sprinkles , chocoladevlokken chocolate flakes both typically Dutch , and chocoladepasta chocolate spread.

Breakfast may also include raisin bread and fried or boiled eggs.

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On special occasions, such as Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day etc. A opinion poll concluded that the Dutch believe that breakfast should be a more important meal than it is and that more time should be spent on it; almost three-quarters of those polled ate their sandwiches in less than fifteen minutes, and blame for an all-too quick breakfast was placed on "fast" breakfast products. A perfect "weekend breakfast" for the Dutch contained coffee or tea, fresh-baked bread rolls and croissants , and a boiled egg.

The poll also concluded that men are more interested than women in having breakfast with their partner. Common drinks are water, various types of coffee such as French press , cafe latte or espresso , milk and juice. Another common breakfast is breakfast cereals like corn flakes eaten with milk, kulturmelk , or yogurt. Whole-grain porridges with regular milk or butter are also eaten by some.

More ample breakfasts may include fish, a diverse array of cheese, eggs, bacon, breads, and hot and cold cereals eaten in various combinations. The traditional Polish breakfast is a large spread with a variety of sides eaten with bread or toast. Sides include various cold cuts, meat spreads, the Polish sausage kielbasa , tomatoes, Swiss cheese , and sliced pickles. Eggs are served often as the main breakfast item, mostly soft-boiled or scrambled. For a quick winter breakfast, hot oatmeal, to which cocoa is sometimes added, is often served.

Jam spreads are popular for a quick breakfast, including plum, raspberry, and black or red currant spreads. Breakfast drinks include coffee, milk, hot cocoa, or tea.

South Indian Breakfast Options That Your Child Will Love!

Traditionally, the Poles avoid heavy-cooked foods for breakfast. Emphasis is placed on a large variety of foods to satisfy everyone at the breakfast table. The traditional Romanian breakfast is milk, tea or coffee alongside toasted bread with butter or margarine and on top of it, honey or fruit jams or preserves. Sometimes the buttered bread is served savory instead of sweet, in which case the Romanians add cured meats, salami, or cheese.

In recent years, Romanians have also started to serve cereal with dried fruits and milk instead of the traditional breakfast, though that is not yet very widespread. Traditional Russian breakfast are concentrated on kashas, or porridges — the most important staple in Russian nutritional culture, with buckwheat and oat, as well as semolina, serving as the three most important bases of such dishes, usually cooked on water or milk, as well as consumed with or without milk.

Breakfast foods also include pancakes or oladushki. Blini , or crepes, are also popular for breakfast and are also made with flour, but without the yeast. Sirniki , is a cheese form of pancake. Sirniki are made of tvorog quark cheese , which can be eaten separately with honey for breakfast. Also, a popular dish is buterbrod, open sandwiches with cold cuts and cheeses. In Serbia , breakfast may include eggs in different forms e.

Different types of pies and pastry with various filings e. The chocolate drink is made very thick and sweet. In Madrid , churros are somewhat smaller and shaped like a charity ribbon. The usual one is the same as in the rest of Spain: coffee with milk or Cola Cao , orange juice, biscuits or toasts, with butter and jam. Freshly squeezed orange juice is widely available in most places as an alternative for coffee. The breakfast is not often larger than these two items, because usually in late morning there is a break known as almuerzo when there is a snack.

Sometimes, toast is replaced with galletas a type of cookie made with flour, sugar, oil, and vanilla flavour , magdalenas a Spanish version of the French madeleine made with oil instead of butter or buns. Swiss breakfasts are often similar to those eaten in neighboring countries. In the contemporary UK and Ireland, a weekday breakfast may involve a cereal dish, such as muesli, porridge or cereal, or toast or simply bread spread with jam or marmalade. Tea and coffee remain equally popular accompaniments.

Marmalade, originally a Portuguese confection, had been a popular British spread to consume in the evening, before the Scots moved it to the breakfast table in the 18th century.

Portable quick snacks such as granola bars , ready-cut fruit and warm takeaway foods are becoming increasingly commonly consumed away from home and are sold at commuting points and newsagents and local shops in all urban areas. The traditional breakfast most associated with Britain and Ireland remains, however, the full breakfast of eggs fried, scrambled, or poached with bacon and sausages , usually with mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans , fried bread, black pudding or white pudding , and toast.

Dating from a time when hard labour was more common, calorie intakes were necessarily higher, and servant labour was more available, it is nowadays regarded as a meal for the weekend or holidays when time is available for preparation, prepared by parents to welcome children, or as a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or following a night of drinking.

A healthy and nutritious version consists of grilling the protein and using poached, rather than fried, eggs, and variations based on one egg, one protein, and toast abound. It remains by far the most common choice on brunch menus and breakfast cafes across the region. The "full Scottish breakfast" tends to omit pork sausages and have beef sausages or lamb haggis instead. At its most extensive it consists of eggs, square sausage , fried dumpling, potato scone , tomato, mushrooms, bacon beef links, and fried bread.

Originating in the British isles during the Victorian era , the full breakfast is among the most internationally recognised British dishes. Another traditional British breakfast consists of porridge , although now associated with Scotland, it has been consumed across Britain as a staple food since at least the Middle Ages. The breakfast cereal Scott's Porage Oats was produced in Glasgow in Traditionally, breakfast would be served with a small amount of fruit, such as a slice of orange, believed to prevent the onset of scurvy.

Most British breakfasts are consumed with tea, coffee , or fruit juice. In Old English , breakfast was known as morgenmete , meaning "morning meal". As with other continents around the world, breakfasts in North America vary widely from country to country.