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One is an unhinged, no-nonsense year-old girl who happens to like punk music and trouble. The other is a stoic year-old who, for reasons unexplained .
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I too am mostly normal with the odd day with diarrhea. Some weeks it gets a lot worse, usually when I am stressed. I also use Imodium to control the symptoms and I totally agree about the effects taking the full effect the next day. Hi … I think I have ibs a lot of bloating and gas. Over the past week I have started to feel nausea though out the day, and feeling full even when I should eat , it feels like my food is in my throat , I eat a healthy diet and exercise every morning I drink weatgrass first thing each morning and almost every morning I have a normal bowel motion ,but sometimes feel incomplete.

Try looking at GERD.

I recently read something on it, and the one thing that stuck out was the lump in the throat that made it difficult to swallow, or felt like nothing was moving. I had several times where I would try drinking, and the liquid literally would not go down my throat. It sat in the back of my throat.

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I had to make it come back out so I did not chock on it. An episode could last for up to an hour. It felt like there was a balloon in my throat that blocked my throat not allowing anything to go down.. I can empathize with you, good luck in finding something that helps.

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Thanks for sharing yur experiences Stacy. This was a great article and I appreciate the efforts and information. I feel bad trying to harvest more guidance from you sir. I am a soldier in the United States Army and have been for almost ten years. Over the last year I have seen my bowel issues growing more and more unpredictable. Often painful, watery, movements accompanied by the very pains your routinely mentioned.

Now, I have changed my diet as much as possible but there is only so much I can do while deployed to Afghanistan. I was wondering if there was anything you could offer to maybe help supplement while taking in consideration that I do not always have access the the freshest most beneficial leafy greens. Hi Randy, I have been following the SCD guys for many years now probably before they started making money with programs etc. They were naturally alot more informative back then building a client base.

So you may find more information by doing more searching of older articles. They used to recommend Thorne Research Dipan I get it from iherb. Not sure if they still do. Also, if your stomach can handle it, Betaine with Pepsin. The SCD guys used to recommend this as a supplement you could try today and would most likely feel better on. They had an article about why we might need it and how to work out how much you need. This also another supplement that travels well. It would help kill parasites at entry point that you may be exposed to. Google EFT for veterans. Something free and easy for you to do while overseas.

Good luck. I have what doctors have labelled me as having IBS. I do not fit into the usual criteria of IBS sufferers though. My main problem is the constant nausea that can happen very suddenly and at any time of the day but usually it is evening times. I have an extremely limited diet now where I have cut out food that I know will make me feel poorly and I basically live off toast beside other basic food.

I still get bad times and still get nauseous a lot. I too, like Daniel, are so very tired of feel ill all the time and having no quality of life at all. I have had all the usual camera down into the stomach, xrays, ct scans, pelvic scans, blood tests, trip something test etc but I have never heard of some of these tests mentioned here.

I suffered from constant nausea for three months, regurgitating everything I ate. Lots of doctors and tests. Hope this helps. I have celiac wich a lot of times comes with hashimoto and take hydroxyzine for anxiety. Good luck I hope you find some answers! My background starts from a few years ago when one day out of nowhere I started getting heart palpitations and constant burning in my stomach.

It was finally discovered I had a hiatal hernia and I got a Nissen Fundoplication. About a year after the Nissen I started feeling quite a bit better. Im not sure if any of the above is super relevant to my problem now.

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I still have some burning in my stomach occasionally, but I seemed to have developed ibs, mostly in the morning I also get nauseated pretty frequently after eating, and my stomach really doesnt like it when i lay down flat. Im only 24 and I am always scared of what I eat… The worst offenders seem to be… Chocolate Tomato based foods Spicy foods. Im sick of feeling crappy all the time and not being able to eat almost anything without my stomach disagreeing. Any help would be appreciated… Where do you think I should start?

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Thanks -Daniel. Daniel Try a Vegan Diet. Hope it helps some. And Good Luck! Have you considered looking at histamine intolerance? Take a list of the foods high in histamine and symptoms after consuming them. This will give a false negative, as the body has started healing the damage already. This also applies to many food intolerances or allergies.

Without the offending food in your body, there is no reaction. You have some really good information, but you have to be careful with what you tell people about serious diseases.

Carbohydrate Intolerance and the Two-Week Test

You should add 1 more cause of IBS-D that never gets looked at. Bacteria in your drinking water- many people who are on well water or that have poor habits in handling their drinking water such as not running the faucet for 20 seconds before filling their glass are getting high amounts of bacteria every time they fill their drinking glass.

My town water has fluorides — I stop drinking it and went to bottle water. Maybe the fluorides are killing the good and the bad. I started taking probiotics to replace what was killed off. It seems to work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! I think I have ibs-d which is contributed from anxiety.. Did the Prozac help? I am having similar problems. Mostly when I wake in the morning and have intense anxiety that wears off by about noon. They have run a million tests with all negative results.

I am on Lexapro and Xanax with no results. You left out another major cause of GI distress, hormonal fluctuations. These fluctuations not only cause digestive issues, but can also be responsible for migraines. This is a great overview that I wish I had been around 10 years ago. It would have saved me many months of googling! Charlie — Thanks I wrote it hoping that people will pass it on to those in their lives who may be struggling with loose stools or diarrhea.

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