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The irony of that crowd's criticism is that unlike the battles they may have previously been party to, Fujio versus the uber zombie was anything but "bullshit. Yusaku Hanakuma expresses this accuracy in a style of manga illustration referred to as heta-uma or "good-bad. I started drawing whatever I wanted in each panel, and because I can't draw the same face twice, the character faces all changed.

At first glance Terry's cartoons appear to be bad art, but on close inspection, they are also good. Hence, they are heta-uma or bad-good. Terry believes that everyone starts as a "bad" artist and tries to become good. But simply becoming "good" is not enough. Artists who try too hard to become "good" emphasize technique over soul, and the life goes out of their drawings; their spirit fails to live up to their technique. In theory, found footage horror is supposed to appear true to life, but even then, there is the affectation of characters behaving for a camera and a director trying to make the film look naturally occurring.

In Tokyo Zombie, Hanakuma's heta-uma style of work means a "damn the expectation, damn the craft" approach to telling the story of a guy in a gi terminating zombies. In design, the adage is "simple is hard. A glance at Tokyo Zombie shows pages that look ripped out at rapid speed. If you are not an artist, it is hard to reverse engineer a page of manga..

Town Orders Ohio Man To Take Down Zombie Nativity

Looking from the illegible handwriting of most people to the intricacies of lines in a character's hair from even a nondescript manga, the gap seems almost insurmountable. In contrast, examining a page of Tokyo Zombie, you can almost see the pen flailing out each panel: four fingers and a thumb wrapped in a fist, a sleeve and a jutting explosion of blood. In a punk sense, you can picture almost anyone with the right intension scratching out the image. At the same time, images are anything but haphazard. Jujitsu can probably be added to the list of types of motion that are difficult to capture in comics.

Yuji Shiozaki Ikkitousen or Oh! Hanakuma is a practitioner of Ichibanbosi Grappling, so, even if a page of Tokyo Zombie looks like it was urgently rushed into existence, there is also evident care taken to capturing the precise steps in the motion of jujitsu. That Hanakuma actually projects those exchanges onto the comic page demonstrates a technical skill and and mindset for the medium that might not be obvious from the raw character sketches.

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Like Fujio versus the uber zombie, Tokyo Zombie itself does not look like a performance. It's not done up for the observer's benefit. Guy one versus guy two, trying to win. If the crowd does not care about the strategy to break a guard, that's their problem. If they think a sketched out panel of a gathering of unwashed, unshaven, rough wilderness dwellers is ugly as sin, well, that's their problem. Is that approach, with its fugly style of illustration, at odds with the "I made sure to give fans what they wanted or at least I tried " mission statement?

If you insist on painstakingly rendered illustration, maybe the style does not mesh with the fan-service sentiment.

Call him Hacksaw Jim Zombie

But, if you want to see guys fucking up zombies, and want to see a work where it is evident that the creator is excitedly scratching out a plan for matching his 'jits against the undead, then Tokyo Zombie is more than you ever thought was possible. So, yell out "Jutitsu!

WrestleMania Meets The Walking Dead: Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies – Zombies in My Blog

Note the Kazuo Umezu cameo. Tokyo Zombie was localized by the people at must-read blog Same Hat! Same Hat! Edition of International Material—Japan. It's Batman by way of an urban variant on Steinbeck by way of Clockwork Orange. A pair of roof top inner-city avengers patrol the metropolitan landscape, swooping down from their lofty posts to bloody the guys who try to screw them and to issue beat downs on those who slight them, or the miscreants they protect.

This story of a pair of opposites forcing their way in the world is honest and spirited and it's rush-filled, explicit assault on conformity has the kind of angry youth spirit that's frequently only suggested. Treasure Town has a decidedly unplanned urban layout and unique, schlock pan-culture amalgam aesthetic: a kind of post-dated Hong Kong meets old Vegas, minus the glass, neon and glitz, where signboards compete for attention the way a tangle of vines might compete for sunlight, where urban primitive gangs in Mad Max dress and conservative "good citizens" in numbered black body suits roam the streets.

At the same time, with transportation and public works, merchants and trash piling up on the street corners, it functions like any other city in human history. Business, organized crime, and police contend for control, of Treasure Town but at the top of the food chain are the Cats: yin-yang partners Black and White. While White can't dress himself, he can kick and fight like his partner, and unlike Black, he can see beyond immediate limitations to dream of apple trees and bright possibilities. Together, any individual or institution who tries to tame them is bound to be beaten into unconsciousness with a studded rod.

Tekkon Kinreet's initial call to action is the return of "The Rat", a brutally capable yakuza captain credited with the ability to darken the character of the city. However, this might be an over-sold or under-considered assessment. Though The Rat and his fierce protege Kimura are capable of snuffing out the city's weaker gangs, the yakuza still fit into the tooth and nail ecology of Treasure Town.

Even if they ride rough shot over most of their adversaries, they are still subject to the local checks and balances. The graver threat to Treasure Town comes with the building of the "Kiddie Kastle" arcade. All of a sudden, with the invasion of a globalized, Disneyfied force, what had been a personal conflict becomes impersonal.

It's a push for the extinction of the sleazy in favor of the heartless.

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In place of the yakuza's disquieting tactics of applying leverage, in that new corporate, industrial warfare mindset, assets are set to exterminate threats like the Cats. Like a song, you don't have to follow Tekkon Kinkreet word for word to pick up the spirit of it. There is an unadorned direct voice where characters will explicitly lay out the situation and the meaning in the dialog. And, there are dreams and allusions that call to be puzzled over or interpreted. By the same token, the manga is given to poetic imagery. Throughout, the idea and the literal are interchangeable.

This can take the shape of goofy extensions of the work's freeform style such as a hippo-lady sitting in a trolly car or a peepshow stripper being replaced by a fish-man playing the blues on a shamisen. Or, these mirages can be more substantial. As one manifested totem says "I look ugly to you huh?

But I tell the truth.

I AM your truth. The veteran Mr Fujimura placed third in the Japanese judo championship. Sawada, the young ear-bud wearing ace graduated from the prestigious Tokyo University and destroyed the officers exam. It turns out Sawada is a Dirty Harry-wannabe who became a cop to fire a gun. And, it turns out that Sawada is literally and figuratively impotent. To the disappointment of Sawada's romanticized notions, the manga does not enter into the business of fight promotion. As violent as Tekkon Kinkreet is, it is staged such that matters are not satisfactorily resolved through violence.

How AEW Could Spark the Realest Pro Wrestling Feud in Decades (and Why You Should Pay Attention)

Yet, the manga does feature ears being cut off, chunks of ears being bit off, just about anything you could do to foe using a studded metal rod without being outright sadistic, and even a bit of a muay thai match. It's not as if matters are not settled through force in the world of Tekkon Kinkreet.

And, it's not as if the manga does not acknowledge that some segments of its readership, or maybe even the majority, are looking for some excitement in the work. The first third features plenty of a Tekkon Kinkreet remix of yakuza action: street beatings, and tense, close quarter set pieces, only in this case, with jumping off a roof top and diving in or out of a window. The second third has the pair set against more off-beat foes: a pair of would be rivals and a juggernaut assassin.

In here, the manga tears through the city. An engagement might start on a roof, before the combatants leap onto the moving traffic; hanging on a speeding bus before dropping down again to skid on the street. With a Batman or Spider-Man, the still image of figure standing on a ledge might look impressive, but thinking how they got there could suggest a clumsy process. Hefting yourself onto a gargoyle or actually climbing a couple of stories seem like inelegant tasks.

Tekkon Kinkreet does indulge in this sort of posing, but it works because the manga's heroes are kids, and seeing them skulk and stalk their prey, shimmying up a utility pole seems natural. And, it works because, the characters live up to their "Cat" moniker.

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The manga is full of point of impact or behind the should panels during the movement. So many laughs. Day two, we were filming and they needed some extras to work with Matt Hardy in a fight scene.

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  5. I was done filming that day and offered to get into some zombie gear and work kind of under a hood, so no one would know that it was me. We did a scene where he knocked me off a prison cell and when I fell the crash pads moved and I separated my shoulder badly! They had to put me under at the hospital to pop it back in and when I woke up it was just Shane sitting next to my hospital bed.

    Very surreal laughs. But yeah, so after that I was in a sling the next week or so and I took it off to film scenes. The scene I mentioned early with Kurt, I reminded him probably five times that my shoulder was recently separated. But we were put up in a nice 5-star hotel and the room service guys always remembered my hurt shoulder and would deliver me ice packs every morning or night after filming.

    Since Parkersburg is such a small place, the filming of the movie was a much bigger deal than it would have been other places. It was also probably 10 degrees or less most nights of filming. And the second week, the filming shifted to 6 PM to 6 AM. So we had some nice warm trailers to chill in, but the other like 1, extras that were just Parkersburg residents wanting to be in the movie stood in freezing temps just to be part of it, which was awesome. But yeah, all the fight scenes on the hill at the end? It was freeeezing. Then after those filmings, most of us would go to this local pancake house place.

    SAM: Are you a horror movie fan? My poor wife has to live thru watching all the Halloweens roughly times each October! But are there any pro wrestling zombies that I missed? Feel free to let me know in the comments. We've bought so many movies that this is the only way that we can justify buying more. Stay tuned for our podcast and to read all we have to say.