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The Highwaymen is a American period crime drama film directed by John Lee Hancock and written by John Fusco. The film stars Kevin Costner and.
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The Highwaymen

Simile - A figure of speech which makes a comparison between two things using the word like or as. Simile is marked in red.

Vocabulary words - This unit provides definitions for many words that may not be familiar to you. These words are marked in yellow. We have marked these devices in the first half of the poem. King County. Jones Family.

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Atlanta Camp. Nursing Home. Jenner Family. Greene Farm. The Living.

Michonne's Group. The Prison. Tyreese's Group. Military Personnel. Prison Newcomers.


Chambler Family. Martinez's Group. Ford Family.

Post-Prison Survivors. The Claimers.

The Highwaymen

Sarah's Church. Grady Memorial Hospital.

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The Kingdom. The Scavengers.

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Georgie's Group. Highwayman The Highwaymen. I was a highwayman Along the coach roads i did ride With sword and pistol by my side Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade Many a soldier shed his life blood on my blade The bastards hung me in the spring of '25 But i am still alive I was a sailor I was born upon the tide And with the sea i did abide I sailed a schooner 'round the horn to mexico I went aloft to furl the mainsail in a blow And when the yards broke off they said that i got killed But i am living still I was a dam builder Across the river deep and wide Where steel and water did collide A place called boulder on the wild colorado I slipped and fell into the wet concrete below They buried me in that great tomb that knows no sound But i am still around..

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